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Why compromise

...when you can have it all

Smiths Medical and Ivenix – have joined forces to offer a comprehensive suite of award-winning, best-in-class infusion management technologies that modernize clinical efficiency at the bedside and improves infusion delivery and critical decision-making across the health continuum.

Preventing Medication Errors

Do no harm. That’s the mandate. Yet in a multi-site study 60% of smart pump infusions had one or more errors associated with administration1. A separate study found that 25% of infusion errors led to patient harm2. The combined resources of the Smiths Medical-Ivenix partnership offer a best-in-class infusion system designed from the ground up with medication safety in mind and built to meet the latest FDA and ISMP guidelines3,4.

Achieving True Interoperability

Resources are stretched thin across hospitals, and fewer than 20% of hospitals have achieved true EMR-pump interoperability because – until now – it has required multiple vendor relationships and heavy engagement from hospital staff5. Now, Smiths Medical and Ivenix offer a one-stop-shop for a complete and comprehensive interoperable infusion system that is not only easy to implement but also supports today’s integration needs.

One Partner for All Infusions

Complex problems call for simple solutions. Hospitals are searching for best-in-class medical devices sourced from a single experienced partner with a full suite of products. Infusion therapy covers diverse patient demographics from neonates, oncology, labor and delivery, and hospice care; each patient has specific needs. The Smiths Medical-Ivenix partnership offers hospitals the opportunity to work with a single business partner to purchase, integrate, and support a best-in-class, unprecedented, and cost-effective full infusion suite assembled to support all patient population therapy needs.

Advancing Infusion Technology

Two decades of technological drought in large volume infusion advancements has left hospitals in the lurch with burdensome workarounds, and systems that lack the speed, accuracy, and interoperability to provide optimal care across the patient continuum6. Let the Smiths Medical-Ivenix partnership help you –modern, intuitive, and easy to implement.

Ivenix and Smiths Medical Partnership

We believe in innovation.
We believe in modernization.
And we believe in making it easy.

Two innovative leaders in infusion technology are joining forces to answer the call of addressing the compromise hospitals endure when it comes to infusion safety, efficiency, and integration to technology. Ivenix and Smiths Medical have partnered to meet these challenges head on. As we unite to offer our combined products, we have realized our values align very well. Both companies focus on innovation and our cultures are very similar. We share the vision and mission of eliminating patient harm.

Jorgen B. Hansen
Chief Executive Officer

“We are very pleased to partner with Smiths Medical to broaden our market reach in the U.S. We believe this collaboration will bring far-reaching benefits to many healthcare organizations who seek best-in-class infusion solutions to meet their needs of safety, interoperability, and efficiency.”

JehanZeb Noor
Chief Executive Officer

Smiths Medical

“The long-term partnership between Smiths Medical and Ivenix will ensure that we are bringing the next generation of infusion management solutions to hospitals across the U.S. Our investment in Ivenix will help spur the research and development needed to continue building on this critical resource and provide holistic solutions for hospitals and health systems.”

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What Clinicians are Saying

“Having dedicated more than 30 years to patient safety research and advocacy, I recognize the critical importance of healthcare organizations and technology vendors prioritizing safety. The new partnership of Ivenix and Smiths Medical now provides a state-of-the-art infusion system in which medication safety is the core tenet. Healthcare organizations have been clamoring for years for infusion technology that will take patient safety, clinical quality and operational efficiency to the next level. This partnership creates a clear path forward.

Matthew B. Weinger, MD, MS
Anesthesiologist, patient safety expert