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What’s In a Name?

IVENIXnoun | I∙ven∙ix/ī-venʹiks/
A medical technology dedicated to eliminating infusion-related patient harm, uniquely positioned at the crossroads of healthcare IT and infusion delivery, with patients at its core.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform infusion delivery to meet the digital
healthcare environment, to provide the intelligence to improve outcomes,
and to expand beyond traditional care settings.

Our Purpose

Today’s IV smart pumps rely on technology developed more than a decade ago and continue to put patients at risk. It’s more important than ever to empower clinicians with the most effective infusion equipment, training, and processes to ensure they do no harm. No hospital wants to wonder: “Are we doing enough? Are we making every effort to prevent infusion mistakes?” At Ivenix, we agree.

We are all patients. And Ivenix is dedicated to the belief that infusion technology should put patients first with enhanced outcomes and a better patient experience, while dramatically improving clinical workflow and efficiency. . . It’s what inspires us, motivates us, and brings us together for the shared purpose of delivering groundbreaking infusion innovation to healthcare.

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