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Meet the simply smart Ivenix Infusion System

Bring the power of guided workflows, adaptive fluid delivery, and complete secondary delivery to your nursing team with Ivenix.1
Ivenix Infusion System

Your ally in transforming infusion delivery

Designed with safety in mind

The Ivenix LVP includes proprietary pneumatic pumping technology that works with an Ivenix administration set to measure and control flow. This enables accurate fluid delivery under typical clinical conditions.*2,3

Engineered for ease of use

Infusion setup tasks are designed to help simplify the clinician experience. On-board guidance and relevant patient information are displayed at the point of care.1,2

Created for clinical efficiency

Comprehensive infusion management tools work together to help inform and support clinical efficiencies.1

Learn how the Ivenix Infusion System supports your role in healthcare

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For Pharmacists

For IT

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For Anesthesia Professionals

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*Overall accuracy +/- 5% under the following conditions: 0.5-1000 mL/hr; 5°C to 35°C ambient temperature; 10 PSIA-15.5 PSIA ambient pressure; -100 mmHg to 525 mmHg backpressure; +/- 24” inlet head height; viscosities up to 70% dextrose solution; up to 96-hour duration; microbore and macrobore sets.

Refer to the IFU for recommended maintenance of the LVP.

Anesthesia mode should only be used in an environment where an operator is continuously present. Unplugging the LVP from an AC power source for more than one minute will automatically take the LVP out of Anesthesia mode.

Please see full list of warnings and cautions associated with this device.

IV medication administration continues to be a costly patient safety issue associated with4:


of all adverse drug events


of medication errors

$2 billion

in infusion related adverse drug events costs

The Ivenix Infusion System is designed with onboard safeguards that may help reduce infusion-related errors.

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Ivenix in the News

Fresenius Kabi and Mayo Clinic Enter into Multiyear Supply and Service Agreement for the Ivenix® Infusion System

Fresenius Kabi has been named the 2023 Supplier Partner of the Year by Vizient, Inc., the nation’s largest provider-driven health care performance improvement company.

Fresenius Kabi Named 2023 Supplier Partner of the Year by Vizient

Fresenius Kabi has been named the 2023 Supplier Partner of the Year by Vizient, Inc., the nation’s largest provider-driven health care performance improvement company.

Fresenius Kabi Selected for Second Consecutive Year to Exhibit the Ivenix Infusion System at Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange

Fresenius Kabi has been selected to exhibit its Ivenix Infusion System at the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange.

Get to know the Ivenix Infusion System firsthand

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