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Patient safety and ease of use are our highest priorities. The Ivenix Infusion System is designed to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and transform infusion delivery from “smart” to truly intelligent.1

The Problem

Patient Safety

54% of all adverse drug events
56% of medication errors
61% of serious and life-threatening errors

Infusion related errors are associated with 54% of all adverse drug events2, 56% of medication errors, and 61% of serious and life-threatening errors.3

Workflow Inefficiencies

75% of use errors are programming related

Interruptions distract from patient care.4 In addition, research suggests that the majority of infusion related adverse drug events are related to incomplete or inaccurate programming.5-6

The Bottom Line


For a typical hospital, potential adverse events and workflow inefficiencies can represent well over $6M in costs per year.7-10

Transforming Infusion Delivery in a New Connected World.

Meet the Ivenix Infusion System.

Designed to Set a New Standard for Infusion Pump Safety & Performance.

Ivenix – Adaptive Pump Technology

Adaptive Pump


Delivers infusions accurately and reliably under all conditions to help improve patient safety

Ivenix – Simple User Experience

Simple User


With an intuitive user interface designed to reduce programming errors and support medication safety

Data Driven Infusion Therapy

Data Driven

Infusion Therapy

Connects the clinician with patient-specific knowledge so they are better informed when at the bedside

Ivenix – Engineered for Interoperability

Engineered for


Securely manages patient’s infusion data and integrates with the EMR and other clinical information systems

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The majority of admitted patients receive an infusion during their length of stay11–and yet, most IV pump device manufacturers have not significantly upgraded their designs in almost 20 years.12 We’re here to change that.

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