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Designed for You

Your ally in transforming infusion delivery

Meet the large volume infusion pump supported by a management system designed to simplify the clinician experience.1,2

The Ivenix Infusion System is engineered from the ground up to address critical challenges in infusion delivery.

Engineered for ease of use

Straightforward setup tasks, on-board operational guidance, and relevant patient information at the point of care are all designed to help support clinicians.1

Created for clinical efficiency

Comprehensive infusion management tools work together to help inform and support clinical efficiencies.1

Designed to pump differently

Innovative pumping technology adapts in typical clinical situations–wherever clinicians want or need to position them, the pumps perform consistently and accurately.*1

*Overall accuracy +/- 5% under the following conditions: 0.5-1000 mL/hr; 5°C to 35°C ambient temperature; 10 PSIA-15.5 PSIA ambient pressure; -100 mmHg to 525 mmHg backpressure; +/- 24” inlet head height; viscosities up to 70% dextrose solution; up to 96-hour duration; microbore and macrobore sets.

Please see the full list of warnings and cautions associated with this device.

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Get to know the Ivenix Infusion System firsthand

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