Our Solution

For Nurses

Designed to support Nurses in the delivery and management of multiple infusions across patients, supporting the goal to provide high quality, safe patient care

Large color touchscreen with simple and clear navigation, designed to reduce programming time and errors

Advanced drug library with built-in dose protection and drug incompatibility alerts

Infusions delivered accurately and reliably regardless of bedside plumbing such as bag height or pressure in the line

Integration with the EMR to auto-program patient infusions and auto-document infusion values

Mobile viewing of patient’s infusion status and alarms to support workflow efficiencies and staff responsiveness

Active air-in-line elimination designed to reduce nuisance alarms and support a quieter nursing environment

Anything to get us closer to no drug errors is huge. Our current pumps require nurses to click through lots of screens, so reducing the time at the pump and opportunity for human error is great…

Nurse Manager
Infusion Clinic

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For Pharmacists

Designed to support Pharmacists in efficiently developing and maintaining drug libraries while helping to manage communication and cost associated with patient-specific medication delivery

Precise and reliable infusion delivery under all conditions, adhering to hospital standards of care and investigational drug protocols

Interoperable system seamlessly integrates with the EMR and other clinical information systems

On-pump resource library for hospital-defined infusion therapy protocols

Cross-pump drug verification alerts detect the same drug or incompatible drugs delivered to the same patient before its’ administered

Remote surveillance of drug library compliance reducing the need to mine retrospective data for analysis

Enterprise-wide drug library deployment, updates and online collaboration tools designed to make drug library management more efficient

We want to eliminate user error as much as possible with the LVPs…our hospital also has a nurse shortage, so anything that can help compensate with improved workflow efficiencies is very attractive

Director of Acute Care Pharmacy
Academic Medical Center

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For IT & Clinical Engineers

Designed to securely manage infusion data for interoperability with the EMR while efficiently managing and maintaining infusion devices across the healthcare enterprise

IHE/HL7 compliant for EMR and other 3rd party system interoperability

Cybersecure to protect patient specific infusion data

Remote software upgrades and security patches without physically removing devices from the floors

Built-in checks to support efficiency in infusion delivery and management

Adaptive pump technology does not require ongoing calibration

Remote monitoring of pump fleet across the healthcare enterprise to manage asset utilization and maintenance

The intuitive interface is key to flattening the learning curve and minimizing errors

IT Executive
Academic Medical Center

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For Healthcare Executives

Putting patient safety and workflow efficiency first, designed to support the value of care to improve quality outcomes while reducing costs across the healthcare system.

Adaptive pump technology delivers infusions accurately and reliably under all conditions to support patient safety

Intuitive design with built-in checks to improve user adoption and satisfaction

Clear navigation of infusion programming to reduce potential medication errors

Securely manages patient-specific infusion data across the healthcare enterprise

Scalable interoperability with the EMR and other clinical information systems

“Air-traffic control” of pumps and infusion status, optimizing the overall pump fleet and reducing out-of-service pumps

I think this product hits all the features and functions I need: patient safety (closed loop medication system), production cost reduction (ease of use and training), workflow improvements and cyber security.

IT Executive
Academic Medical Center

Market Research conducted by Ivenix, Inc. Data on file

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