Ivenix, Inc. Announces Susan Niemeier as Chief Nursing Officer

Amesbury, Mass. – May 4, 2016 – Ivenix, Inc., a medical technology company developing a next-generation infusion management platform, today announced the appointment of Susan Niemeier, MHA, BSN, RN, as chief nursing officer.

“Sue has been an advocate for patient safety and an ambassador for frontline nurses, and as a practicing nurse, has a deep understanding of complex clinical environments and processes,” said Stuart Randle, chief executive officer of Ivenix, Inc. “She’s an established thought leader in nursing innovation. Her extensive knowledge of information technology and interoperability, clinical workflow and decision support, and process redesign and improvement will be critical as Ivenix continues on the path toward commercialization next year. Her commitment and expertise will help guide us in bringing the Ivenix Infusion Management System to market and achieving our mission to transform infusion delivery.”

Ms. Niemeier began her nursing career in high stress care settings which inspired her to concentrate her efforts on clinical solutions that positively impact nurses and ultimately, the patient. With over 20 years experience in operations and hospital leadership, her career interests expanded to emerging healthcare technologies that bridged nursing practices with innovations to support the delivery of safe patient care practices. Ms. Niemeier’s passion for informatics and dedication to integrating workflow processes has led to safer and more effective care environments. Prior to joining Ivenix, Ms. Niemeier was the chief nursing officer for Capsule Tech, Inc., a Qualcomm Life Company. There, she was responsible for aligning Capsule’s product strategies and clinical practices with the needs of the bedside nurse. Previously at Ascension Health in Missouri, Ms. Niemeier was responsible for shaping the scope of a groundbreaking research study to identify drivers of inefficiency in nursing work processes and unit design. She also developed innovative tools and methodologies to transform medication safety, system efficiency and workflow.

“It has always been my focus to improve patient centered care by developing and delivering solutions that support clinical workflow, and I am incredibly excited to join Ivenix at such a critical time in its development,” says Niemeier. “As a nursing advocate for clinical innovation, I see tremendous opportunity to improve patient safety and workflow effectiveness in the infusion pump category. I look forward to serving as the clinical leader of Ivenix, collaborating with my colleagues and working with patient care leaders to introduce the Ivenix Infusion Management System to the market.”

About the Ivenix Infusion Management System

While drug therapies have become more complex and effective, infusion pumps on the market today heavily rely on legacy technology that can be error prone, difficult to operate and ultimately lead to workflow inefficiencies and use errors that affect patient safety. The errors alone are estimated to add $2 billion to the cost of U.S. healthcare.

The Ivenix Infusion Management System is designed to be cost-effective and improve patient outcomes, and has three unique differentiators designed to dramatically improve infusion therapy:

  • A fundamentally new pump delivery system delivers medications at a steady and consistent rate under all clinical conditions, without requiring nurses to manually adjust the height of the bag or the pump settings to deliver medications as intended.
  • An intuitive, touch screen smartphone-like user interface guides the nurse through the setup of the prescribed medication, alerting the nurse to any potential medication complications along the way.
  • A powerful information technology system shares infusion data with the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) and gives nurses and clinicians mobile access to secure data. The system also includes built-in quality and analytics tools, giving providers the ability to understand and report quality metrics.

About Ivenix

Ivenix, Inc. is a venture-backed medical technology company with a vision to transform infusion therapy in every care setting. Technology within the infusion pump category has been slow to evolve despite an increase in the complexity of drug dosing regimens, demand for hospital EMR integration, and persistent patient safety issues.

Ivenix is focused on bringing its first solution to market, a new and innovative infusion management system for hospitals. The company is headquartered in Amesbury, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit ivenix.com.

The U.S. FDA has not yet reviewed the Ivenix Infusion Management System.

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