Ivenix Establishes Clinical Advisory Board to Promote Infusion Safety and Technology Innovation

North Andover, MA, December 18, 2017 – Ivenix today announced the establishment of a clinical advisory board to help inform future strategic development along with clinical direction and innovation priorities to drive improved infusion safety. Board members’ collective expertise will provide Ivenix with a firsthand perspective on infusion delivery challenges that lead to medication errors, while aligning the company with evolving market needs.

Comprised of experts with deep infusion therapy experience in key clinical and executive roles, the advisory board will meet regularly under the direction of Ivenix Chief Nursing Officer Susan Niemeier. Their shared clinical voice will serve as a way to transform how Ivenix addresses the market and communicates with the clinical community. The board will examine infusion practice trends and proven strategies that lead to improved outcomes and safer IV practices, while providing strategic input for technology development and innovation advancement.

“Ivenix is dedicated to eliminating infusion-related patient harm, and context is key for meaningful improvements in patient outcomes,” Niemeier comments. “Minimizing patient exposure to medication errors demands an understanding of complex infusion workflows and hands-on challenges faced by clinicians every day. Ivenix recognizes the invaluable role of high quality clinician-technology interaction and is committed to supporting our end users. The advisory board represents another important step in achieving that goal.”

The Ivenix Infusion System redesigns the legacy smart pump from the ground up to set new standards in safety, simplicity, and interoperability. It combines an advanced large volume pump with a robust IT platform, bringing infusion therapy into the digital age. The system includes specialized tools to maximize the impact of every stakeholder, from clinicians and pharmacists to technical teams and administrators. It transforms infusion delivery with patient centered design, integrated data-driven insights and adaptive fluid delivery that ensures accurate medication delivery under all operating conditions.

“Every year, infusion pumps are involved in more adverse events than almost any other medical technology,” says Niemeier. “We look forward to working with our clinical advisory board to improve these statistics and usher infusion into a new era of safer patient care.”

About Ivenix

Ivenix, Inc. is a medical technology company with a vision to eliminate infusion related patient harm.  The company was founded to develop innovative solutions to transform infusion delivery.  Ivenix designed an infusion system from the ground up to streamline medication delivery and bring legacy technology into the digital age.  The Ivenix Infusion System includes a large volume infusion pump supported by a robust infusion management system designed to set new standards in usability, medication precision, and interoperability. The Ivenix Infusion System is currently under 510(k) review by the U.S. FDA.  For more information, visit www.ivenix.com or follow @IvenixInc on Twitter.

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