Interoperable Smart Pumps Support Patient Safety HIMSS Analytics Ivenix

Interoperable Smart Pumps Support Patient Safety

HIMSS Analytics’ Smart Pump Interoperability Study reveals providers’ priorities and challenges related to smart pump integration.


Infusion pumps have a critical role to play in improving patient safety. Improvements in infusion pump technology, such as the introduction of “smart” pumps with dose error reduction systems (DERS), have been designed to enhance patient outcomes by reducing the opportunity for medication errors.

Download your free white paper for an in-depth review of the results of the recent study conducted by HIMSS Analytics and Ivenix, including:

      • The perceived barriers to interoperability between smart pumps and EMRs
      • The biggest issues in implementing EMR/smart pump interoperability
      • The interoperability ecosystem, and more.

This white paper is produced in partnership with HIMSS Media and HIMSS Analytics.