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Designed for You

Anesthesia Professionals

Engineered for Ease of Use

Designed for You

Ivenix is designed to help clinicians focus on patients, not the pump.

Guided workflows and Anesthesia mode

Designed to help clinicians focus on patients

Optional Infusions Dashboard provides on-the-go access

*Overall accuracy +/- 5% under the following conditions: 0.5-1000 mL/hr; 5°C to 35°C ambient temperature; 10 PSIA-15.5 PSIA ambient pressure; -100 mmHg to 525 mmHg backpressure; +/- 24” inlet head height; viscosities up to 70% dextrose solution; up to 96-hour duration; microbore and macrobore sets.

†Anesthesia mode should only be used in an environment where an operator is continuously present. Unplugging the LVP from an AC power source for more than one minute will automatically take the LVP out of Anesthesia mode.

Please see full list of warnings and cautions associated with this device.

Resources for Anesthesia Professionals

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Get to know the Ivenix Infusion System firsthand

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