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Career Opportunities

We are excited to hear from you! Email us at:  IvenixHR@ivenix.com


Ivenix is proud to consider all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.

Our Vision

Our vision is to eliminate
infusion-related patient harm

Who We Are

We are a group of passionate, motivated, and talented
people who trust, respect, and collaborate with
each other – we are Ivenix!

Your success
is our success!

Our culture is built on integrity, trust, mutual respect and an appreciation of each other’s opinions and talents where individual’s voices are heard and it’s okay to challenge assumptions, the status quo, and each other.

We expect uncertainty and change and have the ability to stay calm in its midst, remaining adaptable to each other and the needs of the business.

We value our friendship and the opportunity to be part of a passionate, motivated and talented team that is innovative and collaborative. We use humor to help keep things in perspective and support the need to balance work and time with friends and family.

Through it all, we remain focused on creating value and exceeding the expectations of our customers and employees.

We define our culture and how we work as a team through the following core values:

Ownership is being accountable for your deliverables while simultaneously supporting the team’s success. It means working from a place of transparency and honesty, making and keeping commitments, and delivering consistently good results through disciplined execution. It means being accountable for your role in the company, and raising concerns when you feel something is not right or can’t be done effectively.

Alliance is collaboration across all functions and disciplines that aligns your objectives with others so that we achieve our company goal. It means having clear, direct, and respectful communication with everyone. It means treating others with respect, and expecting the same from them. It means helping others when they need it, and accepting constructive criticism when it’s given. It means perseverance despite setbacks, and regrouping so that our common goal is achieved.

Value creation means focusing on doing the right things at the right time, efficiently and effectively, so that our company goal can be achieved. It means applying innovative thinking about how you do your work, and about the company’s processes, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of both. It means thinking about and prioritizing your work so that you focus on the critical things you need to do in order for the company to achieve its goal.



Top-notch medical care coverage in two flavors – HMO or PPO. We’ll pick up the deductible.


Excellent coverage, no matter who your dentist is. Don’t need work done this year? We’re flexible with an annual carry-over.


Update your glasses and contacts regularly with our vision plan.


Why pay more taxes than you have to? Set aside $$$ and save $$$ with a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and a Dependent Care FSA.


Love your work today, and build your nest egg for the future. Pick the brain of our dedicated financial advisor and we’ll cover the fees.

Flexible and generous paid time off

When you work hard, you need to play (sleep) hard. We trust you to decide how much time you need. Plus, schedules accommodate both the early bird and the night owl.

Fitness & Wellness

Healthy body = sharp mind! We have an onsite gym with 24/7 access. Plus, discounts for going to other gyms, for weight loss programs, and for just being healthy. Seriously.

Meet our Managers

Meet our current Hiring Managers,
learn more about their teams and working at Ivenix

Sue Niemeier

MHA, BSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer

Marketing is an accomplished group of creative, knowledgeable, and savvy individuals in tune with the IV infusion market. We talk to and listen to the market, assuring the development and launch of products align with the customer. We are passionate problem solvers and believe collaboration is critical to overall success. An ideal Marketing candidate is able to offer a well-rounded, strategically sound and thought provoking approach to all aspects of marketing.

Mike Scarsella

Director of Hardware Engineering

The Hardware Development team at Ivenix has a passion for designing and developing hardware that will define the future of infusion management. We provide innovative solutions that enable safe and reliable delivery of fluid from the bag to the patient, and everywhere in between. Our team consists of a collaborative, innovative group of engineers that work to conceptualize and design solutions with an emphasis on safety and reliability. Success is measured by a robust solution that withstands the test of time, meets business objectives, and provides a positive customer experience.

Carolyn Malleck

VP of Finance

The Ivenix Finance group is a nimble, experienced and passionate team with a deep commitment to support the growth and vision of the Company. We are all about value-add to the business while maintaining GAAP compliance throughout the organization. The successful candidate thrives in an agile and collaborative environment and is very excited by both the wide spectrum of business management and the details associated with accounting principles, standards and processes.

Milton Yarberry

Director of Professional Services

Professional Services at Ivenix is a new group of diverse talents that span clinical, technical and service competencies.  Our aim is to implement the most forward leaning commercial and regulatory practices, with current technology, in a way that resets the competitive landscape.  Our group is in its infancy.  We have the clean-sheet-of-paper advantage as we invent a new service for a revolutionary infusion pump.  The Ivenix Infusion System is a fully-connected product that utilizes remote access, cyber-security, and sophisticated processing capabilities.  Success for our group revolves around high-quality, technology-enabled, services and is extended by novel service developments in a dynamic, evolving medical environment.